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Title: Count To Sleep Massachusetts, Author: Adam Gamble
Title: Twiddlebug Fun (Sesame Street Series), Author: Katie Kobble
Title: Oso polar, oso polar, ¿qué es ese ruido?, Author: Bill Martin Jr.
Title: Good Night Bears, Author: Adam Gamble
Title: Otis Gives Thanks, Author: Loren Long
Title: Big Boy Underpants, Author: Fran Manushkin
Title: Baby's First Baby Animals, Author: DK
Title: Little You Read-Along, Author: Richard Van Camp
Title: Small Bunny's Blue Blanket, Author: Tatyana Feeney
Title: Veggies with Wedgies Present Doin' the Wedgie: With Audio Recording, Author: Todd H. Doodler
Title: Elmo's World: Animals (Sesame Street) (Chinese-language Edition), Author: Sesame Workshop
Title: Thingy Things Volume 2: Lamby Lamb, Snaily Snail, Goosey Goose, and Doggy Dog, Author: Chris Raschka
Title: I'm Feeling Thankful, Author: Natalie Shaw
Title: Sebastian's Wonderful Find!, Author: Aaron Brindle
Title: Kids Books: #209 ( Wildlife, Nature, Sea Life, Wild Birds, Corals, Tigers, Lions, Bears, Elephants, Fish, Sharks, Marine Life, Endangered, Conservation, Ecology, Substainable Living, Tree, Flower ), Author: Kids Books Children's Books
Title: eBook list for QA testing in 4.3 release, Author: Mohan
Title: Max Explores New York, Author: Reji Laberje
Title: Hugs and Kisses, Author: Judi Abbot
Title: Ladybird Stories for 5 Year Olds, Author: Penguin Books Ltd
Title: My Mom Is the Best Circus, Author: Luciana Navarro Powell

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