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POP Movies: Lord of the Rings - Gandalf
POP Movies: Lord of the Rings - Saruman
POP Movies: Alien: Covenant - Xenomorph
POP Television: Rugrats - Chuckie Finster
POP TV: Stranger Things- Eleven (Eggos)
POP Movies: Valerian - Valerian - Igon Siruss
POP Movies: Godfather Movie - Michael Corleone Hat
POP Movies: Despicable Me 3 - Fluffy
POP TV: The Flash - Reverse Flash
POP Harry Potter: HP - Harry w/Prophecy (BD)
POP Movies: Alien: Covenant - David
POP Movies: Alien: Covenant - Daniels
POP Movies: Valerian - Valerian
POP Movies: Valerian - Laureline
POP Books: Dr. Seuss - Cat in the Hat (Flocked) B&N Exclusive