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POP Harry Potter: Hermione with Sorting Hat [B&N Shared Exclusive]
POP Marvel: Marvel Venom - Venom/Iron Man
POP Animation: Woody Woodpecker - Woody
POP Movies: Fantastic Beasts 2 - Newt Scamander [B&N Exclusive]
Mystery Minis: Harry Potter S3 [B&N Exclusive]
POP Disney: Mickey's 90th - Steamboat Willie
POP Marvel: Marvel Venom - Venom/Captain America
POP Movies: The Grinch 2PK Grinch & Cindy-Lou Who (B&N Exclusive)
POP Disney: Mickey's 90th - Apprentice Mickey
POP Animation: Chilly Willy - Chilly Willy w/ Pan
POP Harry Potter: Herbology 3PK [B&N Exclusive]
POP Ad Icons: Hostess - Twinkie the Kid (Modern)
Ornaments: Stranger Things - Eleven
POP Star Wars: Holiday - R2D2 w/Antlers

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POP Games: Fortnite S1 - Tower Recon Specialist
POP Games: Fortnite S1 - High-rise Assault Trooper
POP Games: Fortnite S1 - Cuddle Team Leader
POP Movies: Alita BA S1-Alita (Motorball)
POP Movies: Alita BA S1-Alita (Doll)
POP Movies: Alita BA S1-Alita (Berserker)
POP Disney: Nightmare Before Christmas - Vampire Teddy w/ Undead Duck
POP TV: Game of Thrones S9 - Lord Varys
POP Movies: Lord of the Rings/Hobbit S4 - Legolas
POP TV: Game of Thrones S9 - Children of the forest
POP Movies: Mortal Engines - Anna Fang
POP Animation: Voltron - Allura
POP Animation: Voltron - Hunk
POP Marvel: Marvel Studios 10 - Gamora (Chrome)
POP Movies: Austin Powers - Dr. Evil