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This American's detective series features Scotland Yard's Richard Jury.

Martha Grimes has come a long way since her first Richard Jury mystery was plucked from the publishing house slush pile. There are now more than twenty novels in the bestselling series that stars Scotland Yard Superintendent Richard Jury, including Vertigo 42 (with a tip of the derby to Alfred Hitchcock’s famous movie Vertigo), The Black Cat, and The Blue Last. Grimes is also the author of the novels Foul Matter, Fadeaway Girl, and others. In 2012, she won the Grand Master Award from The Mystery Writers of America.

The Old Success (Richard Jury Series #25)
The Knowledge (Richard Jury Series #24)
Dust (Richard Jury Series #21)
The Old Wine Shades (Richard Jury Series #20)
The Winds of Change (Richard Jury Series #19)
Belle Ruin (Emma Graham Series #3)
Cold Flat Junction (Emma Graham Series #2)
The Grave Maurice (Richard Jury Series #18)
The Blue Last (Richard Jury Series #17)
Hotel Paradise (Emma Graham Series #1)
The Lamorna Wink (Richard Jury Series #16)
Double Double: A Dual Memoir of Alcoholism
Vertigo 42 (Richard Jury Series #23)
The Way of All Fish
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Title: Inspektor Jury geht übers Moor: Ein Inspektor-Jury-Roman 10 (The Old Silent), Author: Martha Grimes
Title: Die Nacht des Verfolgers: Roman, Author: Martha Grimes
Title: All die schönen Toten: Ein Inspektor-Jury-Roman 22 (The Black Cat), Author: Martha Grimes
Title: Die Ruine am See: Ein Emma-Graham-Roman 3, Author: Martha Grimes
Title: Inspektor Jury gerät unter Verdacht: Ein Inspektor-Jury-Roman 11 (The Old Contemptibles), Author: Martha Grimes
Title: Das Mädchen ohne Namen (Biting the Moon), Author: Martha Grimes
Title: Inspektor Jury kusst Die Muse: Ein Inspektor-Jury-Roman 4 (The Dirty Duck), Author: Martha Grimes
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Title: Inspektor Jury lichtet den Nebel: Ein Inspektor-Jury-Roman 6 (Help the Poor Struggler), Author: Martha Grimes
Title: Mordserfolg (Foul Matter), Author: Martha Grimes

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