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Title: The Governor and the Rebel: A History of Bacon's Rebellion in Virginia, Author: Wilcomb E. Washburn
Title: Set Fair for Roanoke: Voyages and Colonies, 1584-1606, Author: David Beers Quinn
Title: Dear Mr. Jefferson: Letters from a Nantucket Gardener, Author: Laura Simon
Title: Man from the Valley: Memoirs of a 20th-Century Virginian, Author: Francis Pickens Miller
Title: A Good Southerner: The Life of Henry A. Wise of Virginia, Author: Craig M. Simpson
Title: Virginia Homes of the Lees, Author: Eleanor Lee Reading Templeman
Title: Review of the Debate on the Abolition of Slavery in the Virginia Legislature of 1831 and 1832, Author: Thomas R. Dew
Title: Letters of Robert Carter, Seventeen Twenty to Seventeen Twenty-Seven, Author: Robert Carter
Title: The Virginia Conservatives, 1867-1879: A Study in Reconstruction Politics, Author: Jack P. Maddex
Title: News from Fredricksburg, Author: George C. Rable
Title: Gentlemen Freeholders: Political Practices in Washington's Virginia, Author: Charles S. Sydnor