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Title: The Diary of Edmund Ruffin: A Dream Shattered, June 1863--June--1865, Author: Edmund Ruffin
Title: Edmund Pendleton, 1721-1803: A Biography, Author: David John Mays
Title: Avenues of Faith: Shaping the Urban Religious Culture of Richmond, Virginia, 1900-1929, Author: Samuel C. Shepherd Jr
Title: Review, Author: James O. Hoge
Title: Old Dominion, New Commonwealth: A History of Virginia, 1607-2007 / Edition 1, Author: Ronald L. Heinemann
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Title: Narrowing the Achievement Gap in a (Re) Segregated Urban School District: Research, Policy and Practice (Hc), Author: Vivian E. Ikpa
Title: Spreading the Gospel in Colonial Virginia: Sermons and Devotional Writings, 1607-1763, Author: Edward Bond
Title: The Legislature of the Province of Virginia: Its Internal Development, Author: Elmer I. Miller
Title: The Best and Worst Country in the World: Perspectives on the Early Virginia Landscape, Author: Stephen Adams
Title: Virginia at War, 1862, Author: William C. Davis
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Title: The Complete Works of Captain John Smith, 1580-1631, Author: Philip L. Barbour
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Title: Brand of Infamy: A Biography of John Buchanan Floyd, Author: Charles Pinnegar
Title: Take Sides with the Truth: The Postwar Letters of John Singleton Mosby to Samuel F. Chapman, Author: John Singleton Mosby
Title: The Political World of a Small Town: A Mirror Image of American Politics / Edition 1, Author: Nelson Wikstrom
Title: White, Red, and Black: The Seventeenth-Century Virginian, Author: Wesley F. Craven
Title: All Honor to Jefferson?: The Virginia Slavery Debates and the Positive Good Thesis, Author: Erik S. Root
Title: The Transformation of Virginia, 1740-1790, Author: Rhys Isaac
Title: Virginia at War, 1861, Author: William C. Davis
Title: In Their Own Interests: Race, Class and Power in Twentieth-Century Norfolk, Virginia, Author: Earl Lewis
Title: Virginia at War, 1864, Author: William C. Davis

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