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Title: War Crimes, Author: Henny H. Kim
Title: Work / Edition 1, Author: Kelly Wand
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Title: Religion and Government: Should They Mix?, Author: Karen Judson
Title: Modern Mexico, Author: R. Conrad Stein
Title: From a Raw Deal to a New Deal: African Americans 1929-1945, Author: Joe William Trotter
Title: Science versus Crime, Author: Max M. Houck
Title: Everything You Need to Know About Confronting Xenophobia, Author: Susan Meyer
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Title: Charles Manson Murder Trial: A Headline Court Case, Author: Michael J. Pellowski
Title: Human Trafficking, Author: Joyce Hart
Title: Can the War on Terrorism Be Won?, Author: David M. Haugen
Title: Japan, Author: Karen Miller
Title: Jobs in America, Author: Debra A. Miller
Title: Girls and Sports, Author: Laura K. Egendorf
Title: Humanitarian Relief and Lending a Hand, Author: Roger Smith
Title: Real Justice: Guilty of Being Weird: The Story of Guy Paul Morin, Author: Cynthia J. Faryon
Title: Community Service for Teens/Caring for Animals, Author: Bernard Ryan Jr.
Title: Disaster Recovery Plans, Author: Janel D. Morris
Title: Women in the World of Japan, Author: Elizabeth Van Houten
Title: The Green Movement, Author: Peggy J. Parks
Title: Gun Control, Author: Carol Weksesser

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