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Title: Here in Harlem: Poems in Many Voices, Author: Walter Dean Myers
Title: Bloom's How to Write about Oscar Wilde, Author: Amy Watkin
Title: Two Gentlemen Of Verona, Author: William Shakespeare
Title: Bloom's How to Write about George Orwell, Author: Kim E Becnel
Title: International Plays For Young Audiences, Author: Roger Ellis
Title: Geoffrey Chaucer (Modern Critical Views Series), Author: Harold Bloom
Title: J. K. Rowling: Banned, Challenged, and Censored, Author: Joan Vos MacDonald
Title: How to Analyze the Works of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Author: Mari Kesselring
Title: War in Erich Maria Remarque's All Quiet on the Western Front, Author: Noah Berlatsky
Title: Death in Old Man and the Sea, Author: Greenhaven Press Editor
Title: Prose, Author: Kathleen Kuiper
Title: Realism and Regionalism, 1860 - 1910, Author: Roger Lathbury
Title: The Tempest, Author: William Shakespeare
Title: Bloom's How to Write about Emily Dickinson, Author: Anna Priddy
Title: Hispanic-American Writers, Author: Allison Amend
Title: King Henry Iv, Part 2, Author: William Shakespeare
Title: Great Authors of Science Fiction & Fantasy, Author: Jeanne Nagle
Title: Joan Bauer, Author: Alleen Pace Nilsen
Title: Are Books Becoming Extinct?, Author: David M. Haugen
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Title: Great Elizabethan Playwrights, Author: Don Nardo

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