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Title: Masking Terror: How Women Contain Violence in Southern Sri Lanka, Author: Alex Argenti-Pillen
Title: Study of the Economic History of Pre-Modern Sri Lanka, Author: W. I. Siriweera
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Title: History of Ceylon: From the Earliest Period to the Year 1815 with Characteristic Details of the Religion , Law and Manners, of the People and a Collection of Their Moral Maxims and Ancient Proverbs, Author: Philalethes
Title: Hierarchy and Egalitarianism: Caste, Class and Power in Sinhalese Peasant Society, Author: Tamara Gunasekera
Title: Tigers of Lanka: From Boys to Guerrillas, Author: M. R. Narayan Swamy
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Title: Robe and Plough: Monasticism and Economic Interest in Early Medieval Sri Lanka, Author: R. A. L. H. Gunawardana
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Title: Labouring to Learn: Towards a Political Economy of Plantations, People, and Education in Sri Lanka, Author: Angela W. Little
Title: Land Tenure in Village Ceylon: A Sociological and Historical Study, Author: Gananath Obeyesekere
Title: Economy, Culture, and Civil War in Sri Lanka, Author: Deborah Winslow
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Title: Conflict and Community in Contemporary Sri Lanka: 'Pearl of the East' or the 'Island of Tears'?, Author: Siri Gamage
Title: Cult of the Goddess Pattini, Author: Gananath Obeyesekere
Title: This Divided Island: Life, Death, and the Sri Lankan War, Author: Samanth Subramanian
Title: Betraying the National Interest, Author: Frances Moore Lappâe
Title: The Work of Kings / Edition 1, Author: H. L. Seneviratne
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Title: On Understanding Buddhists: Essays on the Theravada Tradition in Sri Lanka, Author: John Ross Carter
Title: Kandyan Wars, Author: Geoffrey Powell
Title: Women Workers in the Sri Lanka Plantation Sector: An Historical and Contemporary Analysis, Author: Rachel Kurian
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Title: Sri Lankan Theater in a Time of Terror: Political Satire in a Permitted Space, Author: Ranjini Obeyesekere
Title: Glimpses of SRI Lankan Buddhism, Author: D.C. Ahir
Title: Women at the Crossroads; A Sri Lankan Perspective, Author: Srima Kiribamune
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