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Title: Protecting the Nation's Borders, Author: Douglass Stinson
Title: A Suitcase of Dreams: Immigration Stories from the Skirball Cultural Center, Author: Shelly Kale
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Title: Ellis Island, Author: Richard Conrad Stein
Title: The Irish Famine: The Birth of Irish America, Author: Tony Allan
Title: The Great Migrations, 1880-1912 (History of Multicultural America Series), Author: William Loren Loren Katz
Title: Illegal Immigration and Amnesty: Open Borders and National Security, Author: Janey Levy
Title: Island of Hope: The Story of Ellis Island and the Journey to America, Author: Martin Sandler
Title: We Are Americans: Voices of The Immigrant Experience, Author: Dorothy Hoobler
Title: Long Road to Freedom: Journey of the Hmong, Author: Linda Barr
Title: Coming to America, Author: Bruce Coleman
Title: The Uprooted: Refugees and the United States: A Multidisciplinary Teaching Guide, Author: David M. Donahue
Title: Immigration, Author: Leon F. Bouvier
Title: Old Ways, New Ways (Eastern European Jews), Author: Hope
Title: Only Kidding, Victoria, Author: Shelly Burton Mains
Title: We Came Through Ellis Island: The Immigrant Adventures of Emma Markowitz, Author: Gare Thompson
Title: Korean Americans, Author: Tiffany Peterson
Title: People of Texas, Author: Mary Dodson Wade
Title: New Americans, Author: Brent Ashabranner
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Title: Teaching to Diversity / Edition 1, Author: Mary Meyers
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Title: Immigration, Author: Philip Brooks

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