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Title: Amelia Tells All: Except Fortunes and Predictions by Madame Amelia!, Author: Marissa Moss
Title: ESP: Your Psychic Powers and How to Test Them, Author: William R. Akins
Title: Aries, Author: Kathleen Paul
Title: Fun Astrology, Author: Sondra Maie
Title: Possible Impossibilities: A Look at Parapsychology, Author: Elizabeth Hall
Title: We've got the Power: Witches among Us, Author: Lady Foxglove
Title: How to Test Your ESP, Author: Daniel Cohen
Title: ESP: An Impact Book, Author: Tom Aylesworth
Title: Superstitions, Author: Daniel Cohen
Title: Amulets, Talismans and Fetishes, Author: Anne Burgess
Title: On Astrology, Author: P. Livingston
Title: Age of Aquarius: You and Astrology, Author: Franklyn M. Branley
Title: Mysterious Powers of the Mind, Author: Lawrence F. Abrams
Title: Psychic Experience: ESP Investigated, Author: Sheila Ostrander
Title: The Occult World, Author: Arnulf Esterer
Title: Super Stitches: A Book of Superstitions, Author: Ann Nevins
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Title: Psychic Stories Strange but True, Author: Linda Atkinson
Title: Be Kind to Your Dog At Christmas, and Other Ways to Have Happy Holidays and a Lucky New Year, Author: Barbara Heine Costikyan
Title: ESP: The Search beyond the Senses, Author: Daniel Cohen
Title: On ESP, Author: Robert Curtis

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