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Title: We Are the Monsters! (Sight Word Readers Series), Author: Rozanne Lanczak Williams
Title: Machines, Author: Tony Wells
Title: I Want to Be a Clown, Author: Sharon Sliter Johnson
Title: Akshar Lekhan (Hindi), Author: Ratna Sagar
Title: What If Dad Gets Lost at the Zoo?, Author: Lamont Clarke
Title: Moving On In Spelling: Strategies and Activities for the Whole Language Classroom, Author: Cheryl Lacey
Title: Light and Dark, Author: Kelly Doudna
Title: Wear It!, Author: Henry Arthur Pluckrose
Title: What's a Schwa Sound Anyway?: A Holistic Guide to Phonetics, Phonics, and Spelling / Edition 1, Author: Sandra Wilde
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Title: Hillarys Book of ABCs, Author: Kaitlin Rasburry
Title: Words, Author: Julie Lacome
Title: One Whole Doughnut...One Doughnut Hole, Author: Valjean McLenighan
Title: Mother Goose Tea Party, Author: Lee Mountain
Title: Piggy's Good Food: A Mealtime Word Book, Author: Maida Silverman
Title: The Early Words Picture Book, Author: Bill Gillham
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Title: Fun on the Farm, Author: Joan Ross Keyes
Title: Shabd Bharati (Hindi), Author: Ratna Sagar
Title: My House, Author: Richard Scarry
Title: What Color?, Author: Anthea Sieveking
Title: Take Home Books: Fun and Fantasy, Author: Karen P. Hall

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