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Title: Webster's American English Dictionary, Author: Merriam-Webster Inc.
Title: The Voyages and Adventures of Captain Hatteras (World Classics, Unabridged), Author: Jules Verne
Title: Oxford Bookworms Factfiles: Martin Luther King: Level 3: 1000-Word Vocabulary, Author: Alan C. McLean
Title: Presidential Campaign Communication / Edition 2, Author: Craig Allen Smith
Title: Esperanto Self Taught with Phonetic Pronunciation, Author: William W. Mann
Title: Journal Keeping: How to Use Reflective Writing for Learning, Teaching, Professional Insight and Positive Change, Author: Dannelle D. Stevens
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Title: The Meaningful Writing Project: Learning, Teaching and Writing in Higher Education, Author: Michele Eodice
Title: Writing Creative Nonfiction, Author: Philip Gerard
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Title: Grammar for Writers, Author: C. Beth Burch
Title: Oxford Bookworms Library: The Last Sherlock Holmes Story: Level 3: 1000-Word Vocabulary, Author: Michael Dibdin
Title: Pronouncing Shakespeare: The Globe Experiment, Author: David Crystal
Title: Sangre y Arena, Author: Vicente Blasco Ibáñez
Title: Departmental Ditties and Barrack Room Ballads (annotated), Author: Rudyard Kipling
Title: Durable Design: Classical Oration for Speeches and Essays, Author: Michael Larson
Title: A Dictionary of Grammatical Terms in Linguistics, Author: R.L. Trask
Title: Write to be Read Student's Book: Reading, Reflection, and Writing / Edition 2, Author: William R. Smalzer
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Title: Visions of Technological Transcendence: Human Enhancement and the Rhetoric of the Future, Author: James A Herrick
Title: Clearly Invisible: Racial Passing and the Color of Cultural Identity, Author: Marcia Alesan Dawkins
Title: Structure of Language: Spoken and Written English / Edition 1, Author: Janet Townend
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Title: Everyday Talk, Second Edition: Building and Reflecting Identities / Edition 2, Author: Karen Tracy Phd
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