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Title: The Little Red Book: An Interpretation of the Twelve Steps of the Alcoholics Anonymous Program, Author: Anonymous
Title: Selecting Effective Treatments: A Comprehensive, Systematic Guide to Treating Mental Disorders, DSM-5 E-Chapter Update, Author: Linda Seligman
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Title: Abnormal Psychology SparkCharts, Author: SparkNotes
Title: OCD: Freedom for the Obsessive Compulsive, Author: Michael R. Emlet
Title: Suicide and Grief, Author: Howard W. Stone
Title: Wisdom, Madness and Folly: The Making of a Psychiatrist, 1927-1957, Author: R. D. Laing
Title: Nature Heals: The Psychological Essays of Paul Goodman, Author: Paul Goodman
Title: The Psychology of Anomalous Experience, Author: Graham F. Reed
Title: Steps to an Ecology of Mind, Author: Gregory Bateson
Title: Research on Deviance, Author: Jack D. Douglas
Title: Please Accept Me, Author: Thomas Cornwall
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Title: Too Young to Die: Youth and Suicide, Author: Francine Klagsbrun
Title: Phobophobia: The Fear of Fear Itself, Author: Ed Lucaire
Title: Deadly Whispers, Author: Ted Schwarz
Title: The Book for Normal Neurotics, Author: Allan Fromme
Title: Verbal Learning and Memory, Author: Leo Postman
Title: A School Answers Back: Responding to Student Drug Abuse, Author: Richard A. Hawley
Title: Suicide: Fast or Slow, Author: Derek O'Neill
Title: Operators and Things: Revelations of a Schizophrenic, Author: Barbara O'Brien
Title: The Depleted Self: Sin in a Narcissistic Age, Author: Donald Capps
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