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Title: The Original Minor White Zone System Manual: New Simplified Testing Procedure, Author: Minor White
Title: Digital Photography For Dummies, Author: Mark Justice Hinton
Title: Electronic Flash, Author: Jim Cornfield
Title: Introducing the Single-Camera VTR System: A Layman's Guide to Videotape Recording, Author: E. Grayson Mattingly
Title: Learn the Canon Rebel EOS for 5 Bucks, Author: Stephen Gregory
Title: Image Magic, Author: Jim Zuckerman
Title: Photographing Airplanes, Author: Steve Mansfield
Title: Photographing the Deep Sky: Images in Space and Time, Author: Chris Baker
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Title: Photographic Modeling, Author: Valerie Cragin
Title: Basic Developing, Printing, Enlarging in Color, Author: Eastman Kodak Company
Title: Teaching Your Children Photography: A Step-by-Step Guide, Author: Don Cyr
Title: Close-up Photography, Author: William J. Owens
Title: Nikon F2, Author: Mark Iocolano
Title: The Complete Guide to Making Home Video Movies, Author: Martin Porter
Title: Darkroom Techniques, Author: Kalton C. Lahue
Title: Wide Angle Photography, Author: Kalton C. Lahue
Title: The Photographica Collector's Price Guide, Author: George Gilbert
Title: Color Printing, Author: Bob Mitchell
Title: Learn to Make Great Digital Photos for 5 Bucks, Author: Tim Grey
Title: A Guide to Photographing Rocky Mountain Wildlife, Author: Weldon Lee

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