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Title: From the Ashes, Author: Patricia H. Rushford
Title: The Mission League Boxed Set: The New Recruit, Chokepoint, Project Gemini, Ambushed, Broken Trust, The Profile Match, Author: Jill Williamson
Title: Real Detective, Author: A Mccarthy
Title: SupaFantasticaUltra, Author: Andrea Churchill Pre-Order Now
Title: Seven Ways to Get Rid of Harry, Author: Jen Conley
Title: Flabbergasted, Author: Morgan Johnson
Title: Blink, Author: Steve Schroeder
Title: Aidan, Author: Angela Auten
Title: Jess, Resurrected, Author: D.M. Guay
Title: The Adventures of Cheramie, Author: Stanley Guess
Title: From Bad Girl To Worse, Author: L.R. Farren
Title: Framed by Who?, Author: Ida Rowan Roberts
Title: The War Between, Author: Madison Ketchum
Title: Invisible, Author: D. R. Fuller
Title: I, Darcy, Author: T.C. Harrison
Title: La maldicion de la Flor, Author: Isadora Ortega
Title: The One Legged Duckling, Author: Brenda Frazier Moore
Title: Missing Dad 5, Author: J Ryan
Title: Money and Murder, Author: Fred Brown
Title: Fortunate, Author: Scott Morro

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