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Title: Cross-Functional Sourcing Team Effectiveness, Author: Robert M. Monczka
Title: Glossary of Key Purchasing Terms, Acronyms, and Formulas, Author: Janet L. Przirembel
Title: Opportunities in Purchasing Careers, Author: Kent B. Banning
Title: EDI Purchasing: The Electronic Gateway to the Future, Author: Steven Marks
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Title: How to Buy and Sell (Just About) Everything: More Than 550 Step-by-Step Instructions for Everything From Buying Life Insurance to Selling Your Screenplay to Choosing a Thoroughbred Racehorse, Author: Jeff Wuorio
Title: 202 Things You Can Buy and Sell for Big Profits!, Author: James Stephenson
Title: Making Buying Decisions 3rd Edition: Using the Computer as a Tool / Edition 3, Author: Richard Clodfelter
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Title: Purchasing Contract Law, Author: Mark Grieco
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Title: Retail Buying and Merchandising: A Decison Making Approach, Author: Milton L. Shuch
Title: Purchasing and Materials Management's Role in Total Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction, Author: Joseph R. Carter
Title: CEOs' - Presidents' Perceptions and Expectations of the Purchasing Function, Author: William A. Bales
Title: The Barclays Guide to Buying and Selling for the Small Business, Author: John Gammon
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Title: Purchasing Performance: Measurement and Control, Author: Robert M. Monczka
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Title: The Essential Business Buyer's Guide: From Cellular Services and Overnight Mail to Internet Access Providers, 401(K) Plans and Desktop Computers, the Ultimate Guide to Buying Office Equipment, Products and Services, Author: Business Consumer Guide
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Title: Just-in-Time Purchasing: In Pursuit of Excellence, Author: Peter L. Grieco
Title: Purchasing Ethics, Author: Peter L. Grieco Jr.
Title: Purchasing, Author: Michael Harding
Title: Outsourcing: Implications for Supply Management, Author: Lisa Ellram
Title: U. S. Buyers' Relationships with Pacific Rim Suppliers, Author: Robert E. Spekman
Title: Breakthrough Partnering: Creating a Collective Enterprise Advantage, Author: Patricia E. Moody
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