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Title: The History of Mary Prince: A West Indian Slave Narrative, Author: Mary Prince
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Title: El socialismo y el hombre en Cuba, Author: Ernesto Che Guevara
Title: Che Guevara, Author: Andrew Sinclair
Title: Cuba en la paz de Versalles, Author: Fernando Ortiz
Title: Deadly Secrets: The CIA-Mafia War Against Castro and the Assassination of J.F.K., Author: Warren Hinckle
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Title: Work and Family Life: West Indian Perspectives, Author: Lambros Comitas
Title: Thirteen Days: A Memoir of the Cuban Missile Crisis, Author: Robert F. Kennedy
Title: Two Jamaicas: The Role of Ideas in a Tropical Colony, 1830-1865, Author: Philip D. Curtin
Title: Resolution of the Dominican Crisis, 1965: A Study in Mediation, Author: Audrey Bracey
Title: Toussaint l'Ouverture, Lover of Liberty, Author: Troll Books
Title: Felix Varela Para Todos/Felix Varela for All: La Persona, Su Mundo y Su Legado/The Person, His World and His Legacy, Author: Rafael B. Abislaimán
Title: El Santero Cubano: Religiones Afrocubanas y Fe Cristiana, Author: P. Raul Rodriguez Dago
Title: Puerto Rico: Trasfondo de SU Economia, Author: Sol L. Descartes
Title: Measures of Equality: Social Science, Citizenship, and Race in Cuba, 1902-1940, Author: Alejandra Bronfman
Title: The Cuban Missile Crisis: President Kennedy's Address to the Nation, October 22, 1962, Author: John F. Kennedy
Title: Citizen Toussaint, Author: Ralph Korngold
Title: Day the World Ended, Author: Gordon Thomas
Title: Guide and History of Hope Town, Author: Steve Dodge
Title: Colonialism, Catholicism, and Contraception: A History of Birth Control in Puerto Rico, Author: Annette B. Ramírez de Arellano
Title: Rough Riders, Author: Theodore Roosevelt

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