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Title: Kaleidoscope Etch Art Creations: Butterflies and More, Author: Hinkler Books
Title: A Butterfly's Life (TIME FOR KIDS Nonfiction Readers), Author: Dona Herweck Rice
Title: A Bee's Life (TIME FOR KIDS Nonfiction Readers), Author: Dona Herweck Rice
Title: Bugs (Fandex Family Field Guides Series), Author: Sarah Goodman
Title: Glow-in-the-Dark Tattoos Butterflies, Author: Jan Sovak
Title: Look and Learn Insects, Author: Sarah Parvis
Title: Birds and Bugs (TIME For Kids Nonfiction Readers), Author: Sharon Coan
Title: Bug Playground, Author: SmartLab
Title: Designs for Coloring: Butterflies, Author: Ruth Heller
Title: Bugs By the Numbers Counting Cards, Author: Sharon Werner
Title: Butterfly Alphabet Book, Author: Brian Cassie
Title: Origami Bugs Kit: Kit with 2 Origami Books, 20 Fun Projects and 98 Origami Papers: This Origami for Beginners Kit is Great for Both Kids and Adults, Author: Michael G Lafosse
Title: Insectos insolitos, Author: Theresa Hutnick
Title: The Beautiful Butterfly Book, Author: Sue Unstead
Title: The Butterfly, Author: Heliadore
Title: Insect Pets: Catching and Caring for Them, Author: Carla Stevens
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Title: Totally Bugs, Author: Dennis Schatz
Title: Bees and Honey, Author: Oxford Scientific Films Staff
Title: Monster Bugs (Step into Reading Book Series: A Step 3 Book), Author: Lucille Recht Penner
Title: The Harlequin Moth: Its Life Story, Author: Millicent E. Selsam

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