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Title: Celtic Theology: Humanity, World, and God in Early Irish Writings, Author: Thomas O'Loughlin
Title: The Irish Franciscans, 1540-1990, Author: Edel Bhreathnach
Title: The Catholics Of Ulster, Author: Marianne Elliott
Title: Crown and Shamrock: Love and Hate Between Ireland and the British Monarchy, Author: Mary Kenny
Title: Medieval Ireland: The Enduring Tradition, Author: Michael Richter
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Title: Irish Church in the 11th and 12th Centuries, Author: Aubrey Gwynn
Title: History and the Shaping of Irish Protestantism, Author: Desmond Bowen
Title: Catholics in Britain and Ireland, 1558-1829, Author: Michael Mullett
Title: Before the Revolution: Nationalism, Social Change and Ireland's Catholic Elite, 1879-1922, Author: Senia Paseta
Title: Are We Losing the Young Church: Youth Ministry in Ireland from the Second Vatican Council, Author: Gerard Gallagher
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Title: Paisley: Religion and Politics in Northern Ireland, Author: Steve Bruce
Title: The Roman Catholic Church in Ireland and the Fall of Parnell, 1888-1891, Author: Emmet Larkin
Title: Ireland and the Vatican: The Politics and Diplomacy of Church-State Relations, 1922-1960, Author: Dermot Keogh
Title: The Vatican, the Bishops and Irish Politics 1919-39, Author: Dermot Keogh
Title: Ireland's Round Towers, Author: Tadhg O'Keeffe
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Title: Christianity in Celtic Lands : A History of the Churches of the Celts, Their Origin, Their Development, Influence, and Mutual Relations, Author: Louis Gougaud
Title: Christ in Celtic Christianity: Britain and Ireland from the Fifth to the Tenth Century, Author: Michael W. Herren
Title: The Church and the Two Nations in Medieval Ireland, Author: J a Watt
Title: Moral Monopoly: The Rise and Fall of the Catholic Church in Modern Ireland, Author: Tom Inglis
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Title: A Guide To Irish Parish Registers, Author: Brian Mitchell

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