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Title: Celtic Christianity: A Sacred Tradition, a Vision of Hope, Author: Timothy J. Joyce
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Title: Historical Dimensions of Irish Catholicism, Author: Emmet J. Larkin
Title: Celtic Theology: Humanity, World, and God in Early Irish Writings, Author: Thomas O'Loughlin
Title: Church/Two Nations Medieval Ireland, Author: J. A. Watt
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Title: The Island of St Patrick: Church and Ruling Dynasties in Fingal and Meath, 400-1148, Author: Ailbhe MacShamhrain
Title: The Psalms in the Early Irish Church, Author: Martin J. McNamara
Title: A Nation of Beggars?: Priests, People, and Politics in Famine Ireland, 1846-1852, Author: Donal A. Kerr
Title: Propagating the Word of Irish Dissent 1650-1800, Author: Kevin Herlihy
Title: Paisley: Religion and Politics in Northern Ireland, Author: Steve Bruce
Title: Cultural Identity and Cultural Integration, Author: Doris Edel
Title: Out of Due Time: Wilfrid Ward and the Dublin Review, Author: Dom Paschal Scotti
Title: God and the Gun: The Church and Irish Terrorism, Author: Martin Dillon
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Title: William Crolly, Archbishop of Armagh, 1835-1849, Author: Ambrose Macaulay
Title: Christians in Ulster, Nineteen Sixty-Eight to Nineteen Eighty, Author: Eric Gallagher
Title: The Lost Magic of Christianity: Celtic Essene Connections, Author: Michael Poynder
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Title: Evangelicals and Catholics in Nineteenth-Century Ireland, Author: James H. Murphy
Title: Origins of Early Christian Ireland, Author: Harold C. Mytum
Title: Ireland's Huguenots and Their Refuge: An Unlikely Haven, Author: Raymond Hylton
Title: The Making of the United Kingdom 1660 - 1830 / Edition 1, Author: Jim Smyth
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