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Title: The Lost Art of Reading Nature's Signs: Use Outdoor Clues to Find Your Way, Predict the Weather, Locate Water, Track Animals-and Other Forgotten Skills, Author: Tristan Gooley
Title: Long Range Shooting Handbook: The Complete Beginner's Guide to Precision Rifle Shooting, Author: Ryan M Cleckner
Title: Shooter's Bible: The World's Bestselling Firearms Reference (109th Edition), Author: Jay Cassell
Title: Meat Eater: Adventures from the Life of an American Hunter, Author: Steven Rinella
Title: Long Range Shooting Handbook, Author: Ryan Cleckner
Title: The Grasshopper Trap, Author: Patrick F. McManus
Title: The Total Deer Hunter Manual (Field & Stream): 301 Hunting Skills You Need, Author: Scott Bestul
Title: If You Didn't Bring Jerky, What Did I Just Eat: Misadventures in Hunting, Fishing, and the Wilds of Suburbia, Author: Bill Heavey
Title: The Trapper's Bible: The Most Complete Guide on Trapping and Hunting Tips Ever, Author: Eustace Hazard Livingston
Title: How to Shoot Like a Navy SEAL: Combat Marksmanship Fundamentals, Author: Chris Sajnog
Title: A Fine and Pleasant Misery, Author: Patrick F. McManus
Title: Must Have AR-15 Upgrades, Author: Vitaly Pedchenko
Title: Animal Tracks, Author: James Kavanagh
Title: Deadly Force - Understanding Your Right to Self Defense, Author: Massad Ayoob
Title: Straight Talk on Armed Defense: What the Experts Want You to Know, Author: Massad Ayoob
Title: Guns: EXACTLY What Every Gun Owner NEEDS to Know, Author: Dan Goldberg
Title: They Shoot Canoes, Don't They?, Author: Patrick F. McManus
Title: After the Hunt: Louisiana's Authoritative Collection of Wild Game Recipes, Author: John D. Folse
Title: Navy SEAL Shooting, Author: Chris Sajnog
Title: Jim Bridger: The Grand Old Man of the Rockies, Author: Grace Raymond Hebard

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