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Title: Russia, Author: David Flint
Title: Look What Came from Russia (Look What Came from Series), Author: Miles Harvey
Title: Commonwealth of Independent States, Author: Karen Jacobsen
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Title: No Time to Mourn: The True Story of a Jewish Partisan / Edition 1, Author: Leon Kahn
Title: Battle of Stalingrad, Author: G. C. Skipper
Title: Russia, Author: Martin Hintz
Title: Soviet Rocket Forces, Author: David Miller
Title: The Story of the Cold War, Author: Leila Merrell Foster
Title: A Primary Source Guide to Russia, Author: Christopher Blomquist
Title: Russia, Author: Henry Arthur Pluckrose
Title: Mikhail Gorbachev, Author: Anna Sproule
Title: Russia under the Czars, Author: Raintree Steck-Vaughn Publishers
Title: The Secret of Priest's Grotto: A Holocaust Survival Story, Author: Peter Lane Taylor
Title: Space Station, Accident on Mir (DK Readers Series, Level 4: Proficient Readers), Author: DK Publishing
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Title: Russian Colonies in the Americas, Author: Lewis K. Parker
Title: The Cuban Missile Crisis, Author: Susan Maloney Clinton
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Title: Russia, Author: Thomas Streissguth