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Title: A Primary Source Guide to Ireland, Author: Elizabeth Rose
Title: The Wars of Napoleon, Author: Charles J. Esdaile
Title: The Story of the Unification of Germany, Author: Jim Hargrove
Title: John Cabot: Early Explorer, Author: Wendy Mass
Title: The Story of the Green Mountain Boys, Author: Susan Clinton
Title: United Kingdom, Author: Rachael Bell
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Title: Castles: Towers, Dungeons, Moats, and More, Author: Matt White
Title: The Saint-Napoleon: Celebrations of Sovereignty in Nineteenth-Century France, Author: Sudhir Hazareesingh
Title: The Continuing Revolution, Author: James I. Clark
Title: Vikings, Author: Robert Nicholson
Title: Welcome to Scotland, Author: Graeme Cane
Title: Children's Books in England: Five Centuries of Social Life, Author: F. J. Harvey Darton
Title: Who Were the Vikings?, Author: Phil Roxbee Cox
Title: The French and Indian War, Author: Jeremy Thornton
Title: Ireland, Author: Kay Barnham
Title: Real-Life Royalty, Author: Starshine Roshell
Title: Viking Warriors, Author: Tony P. Triggs
Title: The Spanish-American War, Author: Kerry A. Graves
Title: Castles, Author: Tim Wood
Title: Mohandas K. Gandi: Spiritual Leader, Author: Diane Cook

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