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Title: Frederick Douglass: Selected Speeches and Writings, Author: Frederick Douglass
Paperback from $19.25 $35.00 Current price is $19.25, Original price is $35.00.
Title: Dwight D. Eisenhower (American Presidents Series), Author: Tom Wicker
Title: Our Constitution, Author: Donald A. Ritchie
Title: Crossing the Delaware and Valley Forge: Two Wild Winters with Washington, Author: John Micklos Jr.
Title: Welcome to Russia (Welcome to My Country Series), Author: Fiona Conboy
Title: Willie McLean and the Civil War Surrender, Author: Candice Ransom
Title: Frances Perkins: First Women Cabinet Member, Author: Emily Keller
Title: Osama bin Laden, Author: Suzanne J. Murdico
Title: Singapore, Author: Guek Cheng Pang
Title: The Right to Free Speech, Author: Karen Fontanetta
Title: Harry S. Truman, Author: Caroline Evensen Lazo
Title: James Madison, Author: Jeremy Roberts
Hardcover from $27.80 $29.27 Current price is $27.80, Original price is $29.27.
Title: Women Leaders of Nations, Author: Don Nardo
Title: Hamid Karzai, Author: Anne M. Todd
Title: Adolf Hitler, Author: Blackbirch Press Staff
Title: FBI: A Centennial History 1908-2008 (Hardcover): A Centennial History 1908-2008, Author: Federal Bureau of Investigation (U.S.)
Title: Religious Oppression, Author: Stephen Currie
Title: Nuclear Weapons, Author: Adan Brown
Title: Defendant Rights: A Reference Handbook, Author: Hamid R. Kusha
Hardcover $49.50 $55.00 Current price is $49.50, Original price is $55.00.
Title: Robert Parris Moses (African American Biographies Series), Author: Bianca Dumas

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