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Title: Dangerous Dough, Donut Mystery #18, Author: Jessica Beck
Title: Sweet Suspects, Author: Jessica Beck
Title: Lemon Larceny, Author: Jessica Beck
Title: Assault and Batter, Author: Jessica Beck
Title: Bel of the Brawl (Belfast McGrath Series #2), Author: Maggie McConnon
Title: Death on Windmill Way (Hamptons Murder Mystery #1), Author: Carrie Doyle
Title: The Secret Ingredient Murders (Eugenia Potter Series #3), Author: Nancy Pickard
Title: Basil Instinct, Author: Shelley Costa
Title: Hocus Croakus (Bed-and-Breakfast Series #19), Author: Mary Daheim
Title: Deadly Nightshade (A Martha's Vineyard Mystery), Author: Cynthia Riggs
Title: Anything but Civil (Hattie Davish Series #2), Author: Anna Loan-Wilsey
Title: The Bright Silver Star: A Berger and Mitry Mystery, Author: David Handler
Title: Easter Bunny Murder, Author: Leslie Meier
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Title: Bearly Departed, Author: Meg Macy
Title: A Bat in the Belfry (Home Repair Is Homicide Series #16), Author: Sarah Graves
Title: Snow Way Out, Author: Christine Husom
Title: Kilt at the Highland Games (Liss MacCrimmon Series #9), Author: Kaitlyn Dunnett
Title: Three Doors to Death (Nero Wolfe Series), Author: Rex Stout
Title: The Scottie Barked at Midnight (Liss MacCrimmon Series #9), Author: Kaitlyn Dunnett
Title: Prisoner's Base (Nero Wolfe Series), Author: Rex Stout

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