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Title: Genetically Engineered Foods, Author: Karen E. Bledsoe
Title: Lunch Munch: Step-by-Step Recipes, Author: Bobbie Kalman
Title: Food for a Greener Planet: What You Can Do, Author: Lisa A. Wroble
Title: Plant Products, Author: Louise Spilsbury
Title: Fruits and Vegetables, Author: Ann Byers
Title: Going Green, Author: David Armentrout
Title: Seafood, Author: Ann O. Squire
Title: Food and Farming, Author: John D. Baines
Title: H. J. Heinz, Author: M.C. Hall
Title: Food Safety: Avoiding Hidden Dangers, Author: Kristin Petrie
Title: Food Technology, Author: Neil Morris
Title: Green Technology, Author: John Coad
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Title: Super Foods: Genetic Modification of Food, Author: Sally Morgan
Hardcover $33.56 $35.99 Current price is $33.56, Original price is $35.99.
Title: Fish, Author: Paula Johanson
Title: 120 Great History Projects: Fun Craft and Cooking Activities Re-Create the Skills of the Past, Author: Struan Reid
Hardcover $27.85 $29.95 Current price is $27.85, Original price is $29.95.
Title: Do You Know What's in Your Food?, Author: Neil Morris
Title: Mars Family: M&M Mars Candy Makers, Author: Joanne Mattern
Title: Science Fair Success Using Supermarket Products, Author: Salvatore Tocci
Title: Peppers, Popcorn, and Pizza: The Science of Food, Author: Celeste A. Peters
Title: How Did That Get to My Table? Orange Juice, Author: Pam Rosenberg

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