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Title: National Geographic Kids Cookbook: A Year-Round Fun Food Adventure, Author: Barton Seaver
Title: From Grapes to Jelly, Author: Bridget Heos
Title: From Wheat to Bread, Author: Bridget Heos
Title: William Wrigley Jr.: Wrigley's Chewing Gum Founder, Author: Joanne Mattern
Title: How Is Chocolate Made?, Author: Grace Hansen
Title: Milton Hershey: Hershey's Chocolate Creator, Author: Joanne Mattern
Title: Food ABC: An Alphabet Book, Author: Amanda Doering
Title: Bread, Rice and Pasta, Author: Susan Martineau
Title: From Cocoa Beans to Chocolate, Author: Bridget Heos
Title: Salad, Author: Honor Head
Title: The Grains Group, Author: Beth Bence Reinke
Title: From Oranges to Orange Juice, Author: Kristin Thoennes Keller
Title: Meat, Author: Heather Hasan
Title: From Egg to Chicken, Author: Anita Ganeri
Title: The Story of Coca-Cola, Author: Valerie Bodden
Title: Discovering Food, Author: Helen Kowtaluk
Title: Is Organic Food Better?, Author: Andrew Langley
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Title: The Meat and Beans Group, Author: Mari C. Schuh
Title: The Biography of Tea, Author: Carrie Gleason
Title: How Did That Get to My Table? Cereal, Author: Pam Rosenberg

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