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Title: An Introduction to Information Theory: Symbols, Signals and Noise, Author: John R. Pierce
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Title: Bits, Bytes and Buzzwords: Understanding Small Business Computers, Author: Mark Garetz
Title: Easy-to-Understand Guide to Home Computers, Author: Forrest M. Mims
Title: Computers for Everybody, Author: Jerry Willis
Title: The Theory of Database Concurrency Control, Author: Christos H. Papadimitriou
Title: The Micro Millennium, Author: Christopher Evans
Title: Issues with Big Data Analytics - As It Is, Author: Vaibhav Suneja
Title: Using Information Technology, Author: Brian K. Williams
Title: Computer Data PRC RV, Author: Calvin A. Hofeditz
Title: How the World Was One, Author: Arthur C. Clarke
Title: Organizing for Networked Information Technologies: Readings in Process Integration and Transformation Articles, Author: Jan Damsgaard
Title: Computers--Menus, Loops, and Mice, Author: J. M. Johnston
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Title: The User's Guide to Apple 1000, 2000, Author: Consumer Guide
Title: Peer Participation and Software: What Mozilla Has to Teach Government / Edition 1, Author: David R. Booth
Title: American Black Chamber, Author: Herbert O. Yardley
Title: How You Can Learn to Live with Computers, Author: Harry Kleinberg
Title: Computers, Author: Francene Sabin
Paperback $2.30 $2.95 Current price is $2.30, Original price is $2.95.
Title: Pastor and the Personal Computer: Information Management for Ministers, Author: William Johnson
Title: Getting to Know Your Computer, Author: Microsoft Press
Title: Getting a Job in the Computer Age, Author: Bryna Shore Fraser

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