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Title: Should I Buy a Home Computer, Author: Lincoln Hallen
Title: A Glossary of Computing Terms: An Introduction, Author: British Computer Society
Title: International Microcomputer Dictionary, Author: Sybex
Title: The Computer Dictionary: A User-Friendly Guide to Language, Terms, and Jargon, Author: John Prenis
Title: The New American Computer Dictionary, Author: Kent Porter
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Title: Seven Simple Steps to Buying a Personal Computer, Author: Matthew Plociak
Title: Easy as 1-2-3, Author: Edwin W. Meyer
Title: The Beginner's Computer Dictionary, Author: Elizabeth S. Wall
Title: Que's Computer User's Dictionary, Author: Bryan Pfaffenberger
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Title: The New International Webster's Pocket Computer Dictionary, Author: Trident Press International
Title: Webster's New World Compact Dictionary of Computer Terms, Author: Louise Boston
Title: Glossary of Internet Terms, Author: Floyd Fuller
Title: Medic Of The Solstice, Author: Sharvin