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Title: Microsoft Excel 2000 Quick Access, Author: The Staff of REA
Title: Working with Computers, Author: Robert H. Blissmer
Title: HACKING WITH SMART PHONES, Author: Trishneet Arora
Title: Pastor and the Personal Computer: Information Management for Ministers, Author: William Johnson
Title: How You Can Learn to Live with Computers, Author: Harry Kleinberg
Title: Issues with Big Data Analytics - As It Is, Author: Vaibhav Suneja
Title: My TV's Alive!: Real Life Robots, Future Computers and Clones, Author: James Stazzer
Title: Programming With C++, Author: Hubbard
Title: Professional Design Patterns in VB.NET- Building Adaptable Applications, Author: Apress
Title: Pascal; An Introduction to Methodical Programming, Author: William Findlay
Title: The Origins of Feedback Control, Author: Otto Mayr

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