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Title: The Code Book: The Science of Secrecy from Ancient Egypt to Quantum Cryptography, Author: Simon Singh
Title: Break the Code: Cryptography for Beginners, Author: Bud Johnson
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Title: Cryptography: The Science of Secret Writing, Author: Laurence D. Smith
Paperback $9.23 $9.95 Current price is $9.23, Original price is $9.95.
Title: Cybersecurity and Cyberwar: What Everyone Needs to Know®, Author: P.W. Singer
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Title: Ethical Hacking 101 - How to conduct professional pentestings in 21 days or less! (How to hack, #1), Author: Karina Astudillo B.
Title: 2600: The Hacker Digest - Volume 35, Author: 2600 Magazine
Title: Become a Twitter Expert In 24 Hours, Author: Samantha Milner
Title: Darknet: A Beginner's Guide to Staying Anonymous Online, Author: Lance Henderson
Title: PC Security: If You’re Looking For A Top Notch To Email, Internet and Wireless Security Then You’ll Love This Guide To Computer Security, Best Internet Security Software, PC Security Software, PC Security Camera, PC Security Cable, Author: Chris Spears
Title: 2018 Department of Homeland Security Cybersecurity Strategy: Five Pillar Framework of Risk Identification, Vulnerability Reduction, Threat Reduction, Consequence Mitigation, and Cyberspace Outcomes, Author: Progressive Management
Title: 2017 Cyber Attack Deterrence: Defense Science Board (DSB) Task Force on Cyber Deterrence - Developing Scalable Strategic Offensive Cyber Capabilities, Resilience of U.S. Nuclear Weapons, Attribution, Author: Progressive Management
Title: Cyber Security for Critical Energy Infrastructure: Enhancing Electrical Grid Security, Attacks on Ukrainian and Western Energy Sectors, Critical Infrastructure Management, Safeguards, Mitigation, Author: Progressive Management
Title: FreeBSD Mastery: Jails, Author: Michael W. Lucas
Title: Small Business Cyber Security: Your Customers Can Trust You...Right?, Author: Adam Anderson
Title: Schneier on Security, Author: Bruce Schneier
Title: Passive Regulation: General Systems Design Principles, Author: Gerald M. Weinberg
Title: Security+, Author: Neil Smyth
Title: 2600: The Hacker Digest - Volume 32, Author: 2600 Magazine
Title: Attacken und Gegenmaßnahmen: Informationsabfragen und Recommender Systeme, Author: Marko Haschej
Title: 2600: The Hacker Digest - Volume 25, Author: 2600 Magazine

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