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Title: Inward Hunger: The Education of a Prime Minister, Author: Eric Williams
Title: Guinea's Other Suns: The African Dynamic in Trinidad Culture, Author: Maureen Warner Lewis
Title: Caliban's Freedom: The Early Political Thought of C.L.R. James, Author: Anthony Bogues
Title: Eric Williams: The Man and the Leader, Author: Ken I. Boodhoo
Title: The Costs of Regime Survival: Racial Mobilization, Elite Domination and Control of the State in Guyana and Trinidad, Author: Percy C Hintzen
Title: Society and Politics in Colonial Trinidad, Author: James Millette
Title: La perdida de El Dorado (The Loss of El Dorado), Author: V. S. Naipaul
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Title: C. L. R. James: A Critical Introduction, Author: Aldon Lynn Nielsen
Title: Eric E. Williams Speaks: Essays on Colonialism and Independence, Author: Selwyn R. Cudjoe
Title: The Loss of El Dorado: A Colonial History, Author: V. S. Naipaul
Title: Singing With Sai Baba: The Politics Of Revitalization In Trinidad, Author: Morton Klass
Title: Spirits, Blood, and Drums: The Orisha Religion in Trinidad / Edition 1, Author: James Houk
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Title: Six Decades To Wisdom ... (Maybe), Author: Darryl L Gopaul
Title: Race and Class Struggle in a Colonial State: Trinidad 1917-1945, Author: Kelvin Singh
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Title: Bacchanal!: The Carnival Culture of Trinidad, Author: Peter Mason
Title: Callaloo or Tossed Salad?: East Indians and the Cultural Politics of Identity in Trinidad / Edition 1, Author: Viranjini Munasinghe
Title: Nationalism and Identity: Culture and Imagination in a Caribbean Diaspora, Author: Stefano Harney
Title: Modernity - An Ethnographic Approach: Dualism and Mass Consumption in Trinidad, Author: Daniel Miller
Title: In the Service of the Public: Selected Articles and Speeches 1963-1993 with Commentaries, Author: J.R.P. Dumas
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Title: Class Alliances and the Liberal Authoritarian State, Author: F. S. Ledgister
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