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Title: Win at Checkers, Author: Millard Hopper
Title: The Chess and Checkers Pack: Master Two of the World's Most Popular Board Games, Author: Robert Allen
Title: Mastering Chess And Checkers, Author: Daniel E. Dodd
Title: Checkers Improved: Over 200 Games And Problems, Laws Of The Game, The Move, Classification, Explanations, Etc. For The New Board Without Checks, And The Old Board With Its 64 Checks, Author: S. T. (Samuel Truesdale) 182 Livermore
Title: Three Move Guide To Checkers, Author: John T. Denvir
Title: Starting Out in Checkers, Author: Richard Pask
Title: 101 Checker Puzzles Mensa: Official American Mensa Game Book, Author: Robert Pike
Title: One Jump Ahead: Challenging Human Supremacy in Checkers, Author: Jonathan Schaeffer
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Title: The Little Giant Encyclopedia of Checker Puzzles, Author: Robert Pike
Title: The Wonderful World of Checkers and Draughts, Author: Tom Wiswell
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Title: How to Beat Granddad at Checkers, Author: John P. Cardie
Title: Tournament Checkers: An Introduction to Pool Checkers, Author: Vladimir M. Kaplan
Title: Play Winning Checkers, Author: Robert Pike
Title: Tricks, Traps & Shots Of The Checkerboard, Author: William F. Ryan
Title: Wendemuth's Checker Companion (Checkers Guide), Author: F. R. Wendemuth
Title: How to Win at Checkers, Author: Fred Reinfeld