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Title: John the Baptist, Author: Peggy Barton
Title: Let Her Keep It: Jesus' Ordination of Mary of Bethany, Author: Thomas W. Butler
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Title: The Gospel As Revealed to Me: Traditional Chinese Edition, Author: Maria Valtorta
Title: Word of God, Word of Earth, Author: Bunyan Davie Napier
Title: The Book of Job, Author: John F. Thornton
Title: Ruth and Naomi: Two Aliens, Author: Ellen van Wolde
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Title: View from the Ark: David Fasold and Noah's Ark, Author: Dr. Diana Prince
Title: Nehemia, Author: Dov Zakheim
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Title: You Have Done This Thing, Author: Sunday L. Fwa
Title: Prophets of the Old Testament, Author: E. Keith Howick
Title: A New Life: Your Connection to Christ, Author: Angela Camon
Title: Joseph: A Story of Divine Providence: A Text Theoretical and Textlinguistic Analysis of Genesis 37 and 39-48, Author: Robert E. Longacre
Title: Vessels, Vehicles, and Victory, Author: J. Vernon McGee
Title: Abraham's Curse: The Roots of Violence in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, Author: Bruce Chilton
Title: Conhecendo os pais da igreja: Uma introdução evangélica, Author: Bryan Litfin
Title: Vivendo na luz: dinheiro, sexo e poder, Author: John Piper
Title: God, Jesus, and the Bible: The Origin and Evolution of Religion, Author: William Harwood
Title: The Noah Paradox: Time As Burden, Time As Blessing, Author: Carol Ochs
Title: Deborah and Barak: If God Be with Us, Author: Trudy J. Morgan-Cole
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Title: John the Baptist in the Gospel Tradition, Author: Walter Wink

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