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Title: The Civil War: A Visual History, Author: DK Publishing
Hardcover $36.00 $40.00 Current price is $36.00, Original price is $40.00.
Title: Civil War Medicine, Author: C. Keith Wilbur
Paperback $13.78 $14.95 Current price is $13.78, Original price is $14.95.
Title: Outrageous Women of Civil War Times, Author: Mary Rodd Furbee
Title: Willie McLean and the Civil War Surrender, Author: Candice Ransom
Title: Yankee Blue or Rebel Grey?: The Civil War Adventures of Sam Shaw (I Am American Series), Author: Kate Connell
Title: Stonewall Jackson: Loved in the South, Admired in the North, Author: Charles Ludwig
Title: We'll Stand by the Union: Robert Gould Shaw and the Black 54th Massachusetts Regiment, Author: Peter Burchard
Title: John Wilkes Booth and the Civil War, Author: Steven Otfinoski
Title: Spies in the Civil War, Author: Albert A. Nofi
Title: American Civil War Reference Library: Biographies, Author: Kevin Hillstrom
Title: Stonewall Jackson: Confederate General, Author: Martha S. Hewson
Title: Civil War Generals, Author: Daniel E. Harmon
Title: William Tecumseh Sherman: The Fight to Preserve the Union, Author: Lynn Hoogenboom
Title: Strange Tales of the Civil War, Author: Michael Sanders
Title: Voices from the Civil War: A Documentary History of the Great American Conflict, Author: Milton Meltzer
Title: Robert E. Lee, Author: Nathan Aaseng
Title: William Tecumseh Sherman, Author: David C. King
Title: The Civil War, Author: Virginia Schomp
Title: Reluctant Witnesses: Children's Voices From The Civil War, Author: Emmy E Werner
Title: Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s American Heroes: Joshua Chamberlin and the American Civil War, Author: Robert F. Kennedy
Hardcover $12.32 $16.99 Current price is $12.32, Original price is $16.99.

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