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Title: Science of Everything: How Things Work in Our World, Author: National Geographic
Title: Fun Science: A Guide To Life, The Universe And Why Science Is So Awesome, Author: Charlie McDonnell
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Title: Brain: The Complete Mind: How It Develops, How It Works, and How to Keep It Sharp, Author: Michael S. Sweeney
Title: 30-Second Theories: The 50 Most Thought-Provoking Theories in Science, Each Explained in Half a Minute, Author: Paul Parsons
Title: The Science of Star Wars: The Scientific Facts Behind the Force, Space Travel, and More!, Author: Mark Brake
Title: The Science of Harry Potter: The Spellbinding Science Behind the Magic, Gadgets, Potions, and More!, Author: Mark Brake
Title: Mad Science: Einstein's Fridge, Dewar's Flask, Mach's Speed, and 362 Other Inventions and Discoveries That Made Our World, Author: Randy Alfred
Title: I Used to Know That: Science, Author: Marianne Taylor
Title: 101 Problems for the Armchair Scientist, Author: Joel Levy
Title: Schrodinger's Cat, Author: Adam Hart-Davis
Title: The Greatest Minds in Science: 50 Ideas that Changed the World, Author: Peter Moore
Title: Blueprint for a Battlestar: Serious Scientific Explanations Behind Sci-Fi's Greatest Inventions, Author: Rod Pyle
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Title: The Little Book of Scientific Principles, Theories & Things, Author: Surendra Verma