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Title: The Art of War (Barnes & Noble Collectible Editions), Author: Sun Tzu
Title: The Constitution of the United States of America and Selected Writings of the Founding Fathers (Barnes & Noble Collectible Editions), Author: Various Authors
Title: Common Sense (Barnes & Noble Collectible Editions), Author: Thomas Paine
Title: The Art of War and Other Classics of Eastern Thought (Barnes & Noble Collectible Editions), Author: Various Authors
Title: Art of War, Author: Tzu/Trapp
Title: Ancient Inventions, Author: Peter James
Title: Hitler's Elite: The SS 1939-45, Author: Chris McNab
Title: The Federalist Papers, Author: Alexander Hamilton
Title: Battles That Changed History, Author: Amber Books
Title: Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt, Author: Helen Strudwick
Title: The Evolution of Useful Things, Author: Henry Petroski
Title: Valiant Ambition: George Washington, Benedict Arnold, and the Fate of the American Revolution, Author: Nathaniel Philbrick
Title: Legend: A Harrowing Story from the Vietnam War of One Green Beret's Heroic Mission to Rescue a Special Forces Team Caught Behind Enemy Lines, Author: Eric Blehm
Title: World's Greatest Submarines, Author: Amber Books
Title: How the Scots Invented the Modern World, Author: Arthur Herman
Title: White Trash: The 400-Year Untold History of Class in America, Author: Nancy  Isenberg
Title: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece: An Authoritative Account of Greek Military and Political Power, Architecture, Sculpture, Art, Drama and Philosophy, Author: Nigel Rodgers
Title: Accessories After the Fact, Author: Meagher
Title: Devotion: An Epic Story of Heroism, Friendship, and Sacrifice, Author: Adam Makos
Title: Military Aircraft, Tanks and Ships: Visual Encyclopedia, Author: Robert Jackson

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